Netaji Subhas Bose entered the Indian Civil Service but resigned to join the non-cooperation movement in 1921. Arrested along with Deshbanshu C.R.Das in 1921-1922. Manager "Forward" 19922-1924. Member. Calcutta Corporation and Bengal Legislative Council 1924. Arrested under Regulation III in 1924, released in 1927. Took active part in the Simon Commission Bycott. GOC of Volunteers at Calcutta Congress in 1928. Mayor of Calcutta 1930. President, Bengal Provincial Congress Committee for many years.

Participated in the Salt Satyagraha and was jailed. In 1932 he was imprisoned as State Prisoner, but released and asked to go to Europe for medical treatment. Netaji was President, Indian National Congress, Haripura, 1938 and was re-elected President Tripura Session in 1939, but later resigned due to differences with the Congress High Command. Subhas Bose inauguranted Forward Block and was elected member of the Central Assembly while in prison in 1940. Netaji was subsequently released due to ill health. It is a mistery that he disappeared from his Calcutta residence on January 26, 1941 and escaped to Germany and later to the Eastern front. The great patriot Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose set up provisional Indian Government and Indian National Army. He is reported to have died in an Air crash in 1945.