Popularly known as the Iron Man of India Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel practiced Law at Godhra in Gujarat before going to London. He returned and stand practice in Ahmedabad. Sardar Patel enterd public life in 1916 as an associate of Gandhi. Came into prominence as a national leader first at Kaira Sathyagraha and later in Nagpur Flag Sathyagraha. He was President, Ahmedabad Municipality in 1927-28. Led the Bardoli No Tax Campagin and participated in Salt Sathyagraha and was inprisoned in 1930.

Sardar Patel was President, Indian National Congress Karachi in 1931. Arrested along with Gandhiji in January 1932 and imprisoned without trial till July 1934. British arrested Sardar Patel several times to desist him from active politics. Free India's first Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister from August 19, 1947 till his death in December 1950. Sadar Patel made tenacious efforts to intigrate Indian States into a strong Nation.