Devoted early life as educationist JBK was professor in Muzaffarpur College in Bihar. Associated with Gandhiji in Champaram Satyagraha. Greatly influenced the Youth in favour of National service in Bihar. Later joined Benares Hindu University in 1919. Was in charge of Gujarat Vidyapith 1922-27. Organised and ran the Meerut Gandhi Ashram cenere of constructive work. Service in Bihar Earthquake. General Secretary of the Congress 1934-46 MArried Sucheta in 1934. Author of books on Gandhian ideology. Imprisonment in 1942 August movement.

Acharya Kriplani was elected President, Indian National Congress, Meerut, 1946. He resigned Congress Presidentship in November, 1947 as he had differences with the national leaders of the party on many important issues and on the policy of the Congress Government at the Centre.