Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was President of the Indian National Congress for five Sessions. They were Lahore(1929), Lacknow(1936), Faizpur(1936), New Delhi(1951), Hydrabad(1953) and Kalyani in West Bengal (1954). Member of the AICC since 1918, Jawahar succeeded his illutrious father Pandit Motilal as the Congress President in 1928. Member of AICC since 1918, he become General Secretary in 1923 & 1927. He was arrested by British countless number of times and he wrote the best works of literary world inside the jail. He wad released from jail in SEptmber 1935 to attend ailing Jamala Nehru, who died shortly after. He was a great antifascist.

First Prime Minister of Independent India, Jawaharlal, popularly called Chacha by children was the architect of India's domestic and foreigh policies. Non-alignment, Panchsheela Five Plans and many more polices and programmes were his great contribution for the welfare of Indian society and its neighbourhood. Nehru was a world statesman, a human leader, an spostle of peace and a prolific reader and writer.