INDIRA PRIYADARSHANI GANDHI, only daughter of Kamala Nehru and Jawaharlal Nehru was born in the cradle of national freedom struggle. She was in a volatile political arena from the time of her birth and lost her mother at the age of 17. She joined Congress in 1938 and was imprisoned for 13 months in 1942 by the British. Under Mahatmaji's instructions she worked in riot-affected areas of Delhi in 1947. On the death of her father she was elected to Parliament in 1964. Indira Gandhi became Prime Minister in 1966. War with Pakistan in 1974 and Emergency in 1975 lost 1977 Lok Sabha Election. She was reelected to Lok Sabha from Chikmangalur, Karnataka in 1978, but was expelled from Parliament, imprisoned and released later.

Indira Gandhi was reelected with overwhelming majority and became Prime Minister in 1980. She was the President, Indian National Congress from short period in 1959-60 in New Delhi and presided over the Sessions at New Delhi (1978) and Calcutta (1983).

An eminent leader of developing world Indira Gandhi was remarkable for her endurance and political tenacity. She was Assassinated by her security guards in 1984.